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Streamline SARS IT3d Third Party Data Submissions

Are you tired of the time-consuming, error-prone process of manually preparing IT3(d) forms to SARS for your PBO’s Section 18A tax certificates? You’re not alone.

PBOs find it challenging to handle the submission process and ensure that data conversion is accurately done, especially those with limited resources or technical knowledge. They run the risk of making costly errors that may put their tax-exempt status and relationships with donors in danger.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce ActiveDonor’s new IT3(d) file generation service – the hassle-free way to prepare your third-party data for upload to SARS.

The ActiveDonor Advantage

  • File Preparation for Direct Submissions: ActiveDonor simplifies the compliance process by generating ready-to-upload IT3(d) files for the SARS platform, saving valuable time and reducing errors.
  • Simplified Compliance: With tightening regulations and looming deadlines for IT3(d) submissions, ActiveDonor’s automated features ensure you’re ready to deadlines effortlessly, maintaining your organization’s credibility and tax-compliant status.
  • All-in-One Platform: From donor management to generating detailed fundraising reports and ensuring seamless access via desktop and mobile, ActiveDonor does it all.

Why Automate IT3D Data Preparation?

Save time and reduce manual effort

Let our system handle the heavy lifting of compiling data and generating the necessary files for SARS submission

Minimize errors and inconsistencies

Automated data validation and standardized formatting help prevent mistakes that could lead to SARS rejections

Ensure third party data compliance

Our service confirms your data meets all SARS business requirement specifications
(BRS) before generating your files, helping you avoid rejections

Keep up with latest regulations

We continuously update our systems and processes to align with any changes to SARS IT3(d) rules

Protect your nonprofit’s reputation

Avoid the risk of losing donors and funding due to non-compliance or revoked tax-deductible status

Focus on your mission, not paperwork

Free up your team's time and energy to make a bigger impact in your community

How to Use ActiveDonor for Your Section 18A IT3D Preparation

Using ActiveDonor’s IT3(d) service to prepare your tax certificate data for upload to SARS is as easy as 1-2-3:


Integrate with your existing workflow

Our system seamlessly connects to your ActiveDonor database, fetches your S18A, so there’s no manual capturing or handling pesky excel files

Review and approve

Get a complete overview of your IT3(d) third party data in our user-friendly dashboard, with the ability to make adjustments before file generation

Generate and Upload with Confidence

Generate the IT3(d) file with one click and upload it directly to SARS via HTTPS or Connect:Direct at your convenience.

Peace of Mind for Your PBO

By using ActiveDonor to prepare your Section 18A IT3(d) files, you can:

  • Ensure full compliance with SARS third-party data submission regulations
  • Maintain your organization’s tax-exempt status
  • Reinforce donor trust and credibility
  • Reduce risk and administrative burdens
  • Allocate more time and resources to your programs and services

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Don’t let complex compliance requirements hold your nonprofit back. Prepare your SARS data reporting with ActiveDonor’s IT3(d) file generation service and gain peace of mind.
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Join the movement to simplify NPO tax compliance in South Africa. Together, we can make a bigger difference in our communities.

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