Say Goodbye to Outdated Receipting

ActiveDonor's modern approach to managing donation receipts will make it a breeze for you to stay organized.

Instant Receipts

Our streamlined user interface means you will spend less time data capturing.

Fully Integrated

Our receipting takes a 360 degree approch to gathering all key receipt data.

Your Smart Assitant

ActiveDonor's receipting module populates all the relevant donor information for you!

đź‘€ Seeing is Believing

Dont take our word for it! 

See how quick and easy it is to capture a donation receipt and issue a Section 18A Tax Certificate with ActiveDonor.

Strengthen Donor Confidence with Instant 18A Tax Certificates

It’s now easier than ever for your donors to claim their tax savings. One click transforms any donation receipt into an 18A Tax Certificate that can be instantly emailed to your donors. 

Beautiful Receipts at your Fingertips

Download, Print, Email!

Our printer friendly receipts can be downloaded for safe keeping, printed for filing and instantly emailed to your donors for immediate acknowledgement.

Swift Searching

Finding receipts in ActiveDonor is a breeze – with our global search, you can locate any receipt instantly by donor name, donation amount, receipt number etc.

Generate donation receipts for donors
Easy to use donation receipting software for NPOs

Receipt → Section 18A Tax Certificate

With ActiveDonor, promptly issuing Section 18A Tax Certificates has never been easier. Convert any donation receipt into a Section 18A Tax certificate in one click.

Create batch certificates for multiple donations and make it easy for your donors by issuing a single Section 18A Tax Certificate for multiple donations that were gaven thorough out the year.

Track every receipt method

ActiveDonor allows you to track where every rand came from by specifying how each donation was received e.g. ABSA, Cash, Goods in Kind, Online Donations etc.

You can define as many receipt methods as your organization needs.

Set default receipt methods
Reconcile to your bank statement in a snap!
Remember your donor's preferred payment method
Select how you receive your donations

Supercharged Donation Receipts!

Smarter Receipts

ActiveDonor’s smart receipt capture form intelligently populates key information based on your donor’s previous giving history. It even recognizes repeat donors and suggests the appropriate amount, banking information and project allocation.

Give Every Rand a Job

Every receipt has to be allocated towards one or more projects. Allocations can be done directly when capturing the receipt and saved instantly for ultimate efficiency and accuracy. You can add multiple project allocations to each receipt and all allocations have to balance with the total receipt amount.

Multiple Receipt Types

Do you need to have multiple receipt books, e.g. for donations, book sales, Raffle tickets, Tithe, Zakaat, Fêtes? Well we’ve got you covered… With ActiveDonor, you can create as many types of receipts as you want.

Everything you need

All the tools you need to efficiently manage your NPO and much more!

Donor Management

Comprehensive Donor Management that is easy to use and built for South African organizations.

Donation Receipts

Stay organized with a simple and up-to-date receipting system.

Section 18A Tax Certificates

Supercharge your Section 18A Tax Certificate workflow with automation.

Project Fundraising

Track your project fundraising performance from one easy to use system.

Fundraising Reports

Detailed reports for deeper strategic insights into your fundraising campaigns.

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