Project Fundraising that Works

Track your project fundraising progress and reporting from one convenient system. 

Say goodbye to navigating between numerous tools and spreadsheets that don’t add up.

Simple and Streamlined

Using automated workflows and streamlined best practices, your project reports are always up to date and accurate.

Unlimited Projects

Create as many projects within ActiveDonor as your organization requires and designate funds to to projects that need them.

Set Targets & Deadlines

Specify a target amount that you wish to raise to keep you focused on your goal or an add end date for time sensitive projects.

Shelve Completed Projects

Once a project is completed, you may archive it within ActiveDonor preventing you from allocating further funds to the project.

Always Up to date

In these uncertain times, it is no longer acceptable for organisations to carry out once a year planning. They need to be more flexible, with the ability to adjust as their needs and environmental conditions change.

Track Project Donors

Easily identify all contributors and their amounts for a specific project to keep them in the loop about your efforts.


Use the reporting insights to re-target donors for repeat projects and keep them engaged with your organization.

Comprehensive Fundraising Reports for NPOS

Easily Allocate Funds to Projects

Every receipt has to be allocated towards one or more projects. Allocations can be done accurately and immedietely the first time when capturing the receipt. 

For donors that wish to contribute towards multiple projects, you can even add allocate funds towards multiple projects. 

Allocating a project to a receipt is instant and your project fundraising amounts are updated immediately throughout ActiveDonor.

Everything you need

All the tools you need to efficiently manage your NPO and much more!

Donor Management

Comprehensive Donor Management that is easy to use and built for South African organizations.

Donation Receipts

Stay organized with a simple and up-to-date receipting system.

Section 18A Tax Certificates

Supercharge your Section 18A Tax Certificate workflow with automation.

Project Fundraising

Track your project fundraising performance from one easy to use system.

Fundraising Reports

Detailed reports for deeper strategic insights into your fundraising campaigns.

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