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Time is money!

Running a non-profit organization is no easy feat.
With a multitude of responsibilities, it's easy to get bogged down by the tedious and time-consuming tasks like manual data entry and report generation.
  • Are you always struggling to generate your reports?
  • Spending hours upon hours combing through data?
  • Hunting through endless spreadsheets to gather your info?
  • Worried about the accuracy of your data?

Say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of manual data entry and spreadsheet headaches with the power of ActiveDonor.

A Graphical Dashboard for that bird's-eye view

ActiveDonor’s dashboard provides a quick and easy to understand data visualization of all the info that you need to know.

The built-in reports are always accurate, complete and generated instantly at the click of a button. So you can spend more time managing and growing your NPO.

Drill Down Your Data

Our unique data filters let you easily generate customized reports specific to the administration and fundraising needs of your NPO.

Our filters allow you to dissect and analyze your data in a plethora of ways. Filtering on a report allows you to just show specific items in a data set, like data for just one project, a specific fundraiser or category of donors.

Selecting multiple filters will aggregate data for all of the filters you select – allowing you to home in on specific trends and insights.

Info & insights for better Strategic Planning

With our intuitive reports you can identify giving trends to develop better fundraising plans. You’ll get analytical reports on the donations received in the different bank accounts, the amounts raised by each fundraiser, and an analysis of your various projects, etc.

  • Identify giving trends
  • Track fundraising
  • Prioritize Donors
  • Project goals
  • Export reports to Excel

Everything you need for your NPO

All the tools to guarantee you peace of mind. Keep your donors happy and your NPO running smoothly!

Donor Management
Easy to use donor management that’s built for South African NPOs.

Donor Management

Donation Receipts
Stay organized with a simple and up-to-date receipting system.

Donation Receipts

Section 18A Tax Certificates
Automate and supercharge your Section 18A Tax Certificates workflow.

Section 18A Tax Certificates

Project Fundraising
Track your project fundraising performance from one easy to use system.

Project Fundraising

Fundraising Reports
Detailed reports for all your fundraising campaigns generated instantly.

Fundraising Reports

Desktop & Mobile
Seamless 24/7 cloud access via web and mobile apps.

Web & Mobile Apps

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