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Action In Autism
Jamiatul Ulema
Isiaiah 54 Children's Sanctuary
Charity Welfare Foundation
Al Fidaa Foundation
Tape Aids for the Blind

"A very easy program to use. It has taken my fears of doing the wrong thing away and with confidence produce the correct documentation in a professional way. 

A must have for any Non Profit Organisation. 

As the Founder of Isiaiah 54 I would certainly recommend using this program."

Glynnis Dauth

Founder, Isiaiah 54 Children's Sanctuary

"ActiveDonor is an incredibly well thought-out system that can be used at various levels within the NGO and NPO sectors. I have found it so useful in keeping track of donor contact details, and also as an easy, at your fingertips reference system to track donations and contributions for various projects at any time. Acknowledgements of donations can also be so time-consuming in already packed working days, so the quick and easy email receipt system is one of my favourite features! I highly recommend the ActiveDonor platform as a solution to a busy organisation’s multi-faceted needs."

Kirsten MIller

Manager, Action in Autism

"ActiveDonor allows us to keep accurate records, compile various donor reports as well as provide a quick and efficient service to our donors. ActiveDonor takes the hassle out of multiple tasks and simplifies them into one extremely efficient donor management system."

Waseem Khan

Finance Officer, Jamiatul Ulema KZN

"The ActiveDonor software is extremely user friendly with the added online feature giving easy accessibility from multiple work-stations, including the peace and quiet with no distractions, of my home office during COVID lockdown. Data capturing being kept instantly up-to-date and accessible by all users. 

This programme is a 360-degree turnaround from the antiquated UNIX software that our Organisation laboured with before ActiveDonor opened whole new worlds. Like instantly being able to issue a Section 18A Tax Certificate, on demand if needed, and with sequential numbering for SARS year-end audit accounting. Finding donors with ease; being able to capture donor notes; pulling reports on donations already captured, just to name a few.

However, besides the very helpful filters already embedded, the most rewarding interface was the helpful technical support, with issues being sorted out within hours.

It was a privilege to be working with the software while the site was being developed. My suggestions for value-added features were received with great enthusiasm and often implemented. Which was awesome! 

I hasten to add that I did not have any major problems, just little tweaks that better suited our Non-Profit Donor Database activities.

We certainly could not have acquired a better donor administration, communications and Tax receipts system, even if we’d commissioned developers to create new bespoke software."

Judy Reid

Finance, Tape Aids for the Blind

Islamic Guidance has been using ActiveDonor for the last 5 months and have found it to be an efficient and easy to use system. ActiveDonor has made receipting donations and sending out those receipts quick and easy. Receipts are now sent with just a click of a button. ActiveDonor also allows us to keep our donor database updated continuously as the database is automatically updated after every donation.


The best part about Active Donor is that help is just a phone call away. Queries are followed up promptly and suggestions are implemented to continuously enhance the output of the interface. 

Safina Dawood 

Bookkeeper, Islamic Guidance Trust

"For many years CWF was using spreadsheets to manage their donor lists, donations and reporting. Our Section 18A Tax certificates were captured manually and updating and searching for information was very time consuming. Since switching to ActiveDonor, we are able to do all of the above within a few clicks.

It has enabled us to become more efficient, saving us time and minimising errors. We are able to generate Section 18A certificates, receipts and reports with the click of a button. Our team loves to use this system as it has simplified our work."

Stella Arfandika

Administration, Charity and Welfare Foundation

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