Section 18A Tax Certificates

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Easy to use Section 18A Management

ActiveDonor will give you the tools to supercharge your Section 18A management so you're always organized and in control.

Difficult to manually track Section 18A Tax Receipts

Easy to use Section 18A Management Software

Smart Section 18A Management for PBOs

Manage Your Section 18A Tax Certificates like a Boss 😎

Upload, Download, Search, Retrieve, Sign, Print, Email, Calculate, Report. 

Whatever your needs are, ActiveDonor will simplify your workflow and make you hyper efficient with your Section 18A Tax Certificate Management. 

With ActiveDonor, every Section 18A Tax Certificate is always a click away. We provide end to end accountability and streamlined management of all facets of your Section 18A Tax certificates. 

Keep your donors happy by issuing their tax deduction certificates in a timely manner and in style. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that every Section 18 is filed in place and on time.

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See how quick and easy it is to capture a donation receipt and issue a Section 18A Tax Certificate with ActiveDonor.

Strengthen Donor Confidence with Instant Section 18A Tax Certificates!

It’s now easier than ever for your donors to claim their tax savings. One click transforms any donation receipt into an 18A Tax Certificate that can be instantly emailed to your donors. 

Peace of mind for you and your donors!

Managing your Section 18A Tax certificates has never looked this easy!

ActiveDonor allows you to promptly issue Section 18A Tax Certificates for your donors. You can convert any donation receipt into a Section 18A Tax certificate in just one click.

Create batch certificates for multiple donations and make it easy for your donors by issuing a single Section 18A Tax Certificate for multiple donations that were gaven thorough out the year.

Fundraiser using Easy to use section 18A tax certificate software
Sample Section 18A tax certificate templates

Beautiful Section 18A Tax Certificates

Instantly generated at the touch of a button!

We make you look good!

Our intuitive and super slick user interface makes it a cinch to generate beautiful, print ready Section 18A certificates that can be instantly emailed to your donors.

Customize Everything - Professional Templates

Our easy to use editor allows you to select a professionally designed Section 18A template, customize the text, logo and colors of your Section 18A Tax Certificates to match your organizations profile.

Sign of the Times

ActiveDonor provides you with the flexibility to use whatever is best for your organization.

  • Have more than one signatory?
  • Prefer to have an electronic signature on each ceterficate?
  • Would you choose to print and sign each tax certificate manually then scan and upload it?

👉 Whatever you choose, ActiveDonor has you covered!

Electronically Sign your section 18A tax certificates with ActiveDonor
SARS Compliance is easy with ActiveDonor

SARS Compliance isn't Complicated

ActiveDonor’s Section 18A Tax Certificates follow SARS guidelines and recommendations out of the box. Our easy to use reports makes it simple to complete your tax paperwork.

ActiveDonor makes tax submission effortless for you and your donors.

  • No need to shuffle through files and paperwork
  • Quick, easy and accurate reporting on all Section 18As issued
  • Every Section 18As is accounted for and within immediate reach
  • A reliable and trustworthy system that boosts productivity for all staff

Section 18A For Multiple Donation Receipts

Often times your donors may require a single Section 18A Tax Certificate for multiple donations they gave out through the year. 

ActiveDonor takes the pain out of searching for individual donation receipts and eliminates errors making it a delight to issue an accurate annual certificate for the year.

Easily create one Section 18A Tax Certificate from multiple receipts

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