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Issue and Send Section 18A Certificates in Seconds!

Don’t keep your donors waiting any longer!

ActiveDonor lets you issue and send Section 18A Tax certificates instantly! It’s easy to use and fully customizable with professional templates – so your certificates are SARS compliant and look great to your donors.

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Easily Manage your Section 18A Workflow

Easy to use Section 18A Management Software


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Smart 18A Management

ActiveDonor makes issuing Section 18A certificates SO easy

You know how important it is to issue and manage tax certificates for your donors. But the process itself is lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming.

Donors want a simple way to receive tax certificates for their donations. And you need to ensure that their donations are tax deductible and compliant with laws, but without the tedious paperwork, lengthy searches, and manual calculations.

ActiveDonor has eliminated the headaches that come with issuing Section 18A tax certificates!

Specifically built for South African NPOs, ActiveDonor allows you to easily upload, download, calculate, search, retrieve, sign, print, and email all your certificates with just a few clicks!

Keep your donors happy by issuing professional-looking Section 18A Tax certificates fast and easy.

The software that puts you ahead of the curve

Instant Section 18A Tax Certificates

Now it’s easier than ever for your donors to claim their tax savings. One-click instantly transforms any donation receipt into an 18A tax certificate that can be emailed to your donors.

Customize everything!

Get your Section 18A Tax Certificates just right! Our easy-to-use platform allows you to select a professionally designed Section 18A Certificate template and customize the text, logo, and colors to match your NPOs profile.

For South African NPOs

ActiveDonor was built to solve the unique challenges of South African organisations and help them issue and send accurate Section 18A tax certificates. Fully SARS compliant – compliance checks on ID Numbers and Tax Numbers.

Seeing is Believing 👉

Don’t take our word for it!

See how quick and easy it is to capture a donation receipt and issue a Section 18A Tax Certificate with ActiveDonor.

Strengthen Donor Confidence with Instant 18A Tax Certificates!

It’s now easier than ever for your donors to claim their tax savings. One click transforms any donation receipt into an 18A Tax Certificate that can be instantly emailed to your donors.

Easy to use

Our intuitive and super slick user interface is so easy to learn, understand, and use that it makes it a snap for your team to generate print-ready Section 18A certificates, saving you time and headaches and helping you boost donors’ confidence.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Everyone “gets it”
  • Time-saving
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Easy to stay compliant

ActiveDonor allows you to promptly issue Section 18A Tax Certificates for your donors. You can convert any donation receipt into a Section 18A Tax certificate in just one click.

One Section 18A For Multiple Donations

Often times your donors may require a single Section 18A Tax Certificate for multiple donations they gave out through the year.

ActiveDonor takes the pain out of searching for individual donation receipts and eliminates errors making it a delight to issue an accurate annual certificate for the year.


  • Issue tax certificates with just one click
  • Consolidate multiple donations into a single tax certificate
  • Eliminate human errors

SARS Compliance is easy

ActiveDonor makes tax submission effortless for you and your donors. Stay compliant with SARS regulations and financial best practices with ActiveDonor.

Our easy-to-use reports make completing your tax paperwork a breeze.

  • No need to shuffle through files and paperwork
  • Quick, easy and accurate reporting on all Section 18As issued
  • Every Section 18As is accounted for and within immediate reach
  • A reliable and trustworthy system that boosts productivity for all staff

SARS IT3(d) done for you!

ActiveDonor's IT3(d) file generation service offers a streamlined solution for instantly generating SARS compliant IT3(d) files for third party data submissions.

  • Automated data extraction from ActiveDonor into SARS-compliant format
  • Rigorous data validation to minimize errors
  • Time and cost-efficient solution
  • Ensures compliance with SARS requirements
  • Helps maintain good standing with SARS and donors
IT3(d) Submissions
Generate SARS IT3D files

Everything you need for your NPO

All the tools to guarantee you peace of mind. Keep your donors happy and your NPO running smoothly!

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Easy to use donor management that’s built for South African NPOs.

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Stay organized with a simple and up-to-date receipting system.

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Automate and supercharge your Section 18A Tax Certificates workflow.

Section 18A Tax Certificates

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Track your project fundraising performance from one easy to use system.

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Detailed reports for all your fundraising campaigns generated instantly.

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